4 Most Famous Poses for Wedding Photography

Posing for the right pictures and getting them perfectly captured is an underrated art. It seems easy but I assure you it isn’t as easy as it sounds. You have to choose the right photographer to get the perfect shoot with the perfect poses. Among your many options for finding the right photographer for your big day, one is Adriano Batti Wedding Photography Boston who are much skilled in their profession. Like others, they ensure coverage of all events be it a wedding or a birthday event; you are covered! In this article, we have compiled, for you some of the best poses for your wedding photography.

4 famous poses for wedding

Here are 4 famous poses for your wedding.

  1. Typography prop pose

While there are many props used in photography of newlyweds, the most popular among them is the typography prop. The board has a phrase written on it and is held by the couple together. You can change and play with the board as you pose for your photos.

  1. The shadow shots

This pose makes use of light as a prop, angling the light so it shines and creates and artistic effect. An example will of creating a couple shadows with and on an umbrella. This is rather majestic and moving shot.

  1. Walking pose

Why go for all static shots? The walking pose is an ideal moving shot where the couple is captured laughing, smiling, talking and walking etc. This pose can be a magical one if correctly handled. This pose is ideally suited for those who are nature lovers because it is normally shot outdoors.

  1. First look pose

This pose is most likely to bring tears in the eyes of all those who see. This is a magical shot, a remake of the first time the groom sees his bride. It’s actually magical because it reminds you of the very first glance at the groom/bride.

Of the best bridal poses, here are 4 great ones. Make sure to use them in your wedding photo shoot to make it memorable.

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