5 good facts about turkey

Turkey is an essential component of diet for majority around the globe, not only because of its amazing flavor, but also because of the numerous health benefits it brings. Turkey is a type of meat considered by many experts as better than other types of meat because of the fact that it is rich in a number of different nutrients that have very obvious health benefits. Below are 5 great health facts about turkey.

  1. Turkey is loaded with protein

If you eat a turkey sandwich in lunch or dinner, almost all of your daily requirement of turkey will be fulfilled. One serving of turkey is known to provide 65% of your daily requirement of protein! Turkey is thus a very good source of amino acids. Amino acids and proteins are vital in cell formation, growth and repair of muscles.

  1. Turkey protects you from cancer

Turkey is known to contain certain trace elements that prevent cancer. The selenium that turkey contains while aiding in proper functioning of the thyroid and the immune system, also acts as an antioxidant that helps eliminate cancer-friendly free radicals in your body.

  1. Turkey is rich in B vitamins

One serving of turkey meat ensures that you have taken 36% of your daily requirement of vitamin B3 and 27% of your requirement of vitamin B6. Vitamin B3 plays a critical role in fat processing and vitamin B6 maintains blood glucose levels.

  1. It has less saturated fat than many other types of meat

Turkey meat has just the right amount of saturated fat! Saturated fat is necessary for padding of organs, energy production and hormone production but an excess of saturated fat is harmful for the body. Turkey covers less than 12% of the recommended daily intake of saturated fat. People often ask ‘is turkey healthier than beef?’ and in many aspects –in terms of fat in particular- it actually is.

  1. Organic, pasture based turkey would be your best option

Turkey raised in organic conditions guarantee the most health benefits because they have higher nutritional benefits than birds raised without organic pasture or those given antibiotics.

The above mentioned benefits about turkey make it a very healthy type of meat and these should convince you to include turkey in your regular diet. For these very health benefits, turkey is indeed a popular component of the diet around the globe.


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