Advantages of buying property from good developer in Singapore

Introduction: Singapore is the economically most well settled and developed country which  has the largest tourists number. And the tourism industry support 70% of economy of country. It is the country where not only Singaporeans but foreigners can also buy property with the approval of the government. Many successful businesses initiated over there and spread throughout the world. Foreigners always try to make business links with Singaporean’s companies  for worldwide popularity. It is the suitable place for investments. Businessmen and investors  buy properties there and establish industries and companies there.

Which option is good? While buying property you have two options either to buy property from a good developer or buy the resale unit. Former is more preferable than later due to many advantages; you can buy property from good developer on installments, secondly, developer itself take the responsibility to construct any defect occur in the property within one year, thirdly there is a lot of options for selection in case of buying new property from developer and you can buy property of your own choice. Moreover, if you buy land or plot then it is good chance to sale it with double profit for housing grants. In last new properties have very attractive and modern look than resale property like The Florence Residences. So it is good to invest in new properties in Singapore.



After discussing about buying property from a developer or buying resale property now come toward the actual point of buying property in Singapore. There are many advantages of buying property from good developer in Singapore here are some;


  • Before investment every investor want to know about the cost value of that property in that specific country as well the cost value of property worldwide. As the economic position f Singapore is good on world economic map so investors are highly attracted to invest there money there. Valuing the house in Singapore has 4% CAGR more than the CAGR value of house in US i.e. 3.3% .
  • Buy and sale of properties, investment and businesses in any country depends on the economy of country. As we know the economy of Singapore is strong supported by the backbone of tourism industry.
  • People buy those properties in which other people are interested to invest there money. Singapore is the country where every foreigners would like to invest.
  • Another most colourful point for buying property in Singapore is maintaining of property. You can maintain your properties for years through government agencies which give a new look to property after every five years and repaired the defects. So you can maintain your property for future resale without any loss.
  • In other countries there are strict policies for buying and sailing property therefore everyone avoid to invest in such countries but in Singapore there is no restriction on buying Properties so everyone easily buy property there and settle their businesses.
  • Another positive point is bank loan. You can easily get bank loan on low interest for buying properties but before taking loan you have to give your whole income information. Moreover there is no heavy government taxes there.


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