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Creating an Effective Social Media Content Strategy

For social media marketing the content is the main part. Everything will be based on your content due to which it has to effective, meaningful and related to the topic you are going for. It is important for the marketers to figure out the strategies for social media content which many people ignore it. This is the reason many social media marketers fail to communicate with their followers in an effective or influential manner. The social media content strategy must be in such a way that the followers don’t find any problem consuming the content.

What do the consumers need?

There has been a study made which shows that what do the consumers expect from the brands in terms of their content. Following are the results extracted from the study.

1.     Discounts and Sales:

It is the most important thing so don’t think about ignoring it. 72 % of the consumers want the content related to discount and sales.

2.     New Products and Services:

60 % of the consumers like the content regarding new products and services so make sure to keep up with the new things.

3.     Updates:

When it comes to providing updates related to your brands, 59 % of the consumers are interested in it.

4.     Entertain:

Making your content entertaining without ruining your message is a good move to pull for social media content marketing. 56 % of the consumers are into this approach.

5.     Inspiration:

Inspiration posts are great for attracting viewers so make sure to post something inspirational. 49 % of consumers want this type of content from brands.

6.     Random Company happening:

41 % of consumers want the content which is related to random doings of the brand or the company.

Creating a Strategy:

Creating a strategy also needs a structure to go with. The marketer must cover every aspect of it so that there is nothing left unturned. There are three main phases which the marketers must go through to make a good content strategy. The phases are planning, publishing and measuring.

1.     Planning:

For this phase brands or the marketers must plan out all the things which is related to the brand itself and compare it with the wants and needs of the consumers. By following this approach, it will create a value for your brand. Incorporate the good stuff with your message, this will attract more viewers.

2.     Publishing:

When the planning is done, everything has been covered up. Then the phase will be the publishing one. In this phase all the planned content will be organized. The brand marketers or the content marketers should go for calendars which helps to publish the content for the days ahead.

3.     Measuring:

It is the most important phase as in this the marketers will be able to measure their content in terms of which posts have done good and which did not do a good job. Check the impressions, clicks and the engagement level of each post.

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