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Difference in interior and exterior window cleaning for holidays

Windows are the essential part of every house. It makes your home hygienic and comfortable. Cleaning of windows is thus really important. Whether they are exterior windows or interior, both needs to be cleaned. Spring is the best season for the logu mazgāšana . If you have ignored the windows all of the winter season, dirt, dust, snow, rain and grime all will be gathered on your windows. Exterior windows will be left dirty and interior windows will be foggy. People usually clean the interior window, but ignore the exterior part.

Interior cleaning of a window:

Interior windows are easy to clean. They don’t get dirty much as compared to the exterior windows. You can clean the internal side of the window even in the rainy or stormy season. But it is important to clean both the sides, as one side reflects the other. As we can easily reach the interior part of the windows, so its cleaning is possible more frequently. Interior part usually remains clean even if the exterior part is covered with debris. But it will not create soothing environment for you. You will still be able to see the dirt on your windows.

Exterior cleaning of the window:

Windows full of grime, dust and dirt blocks the sunlight from entering the house. It is difficult to clean the outside of windows when you live in an upper floor. If you’re not hiring any professional for window washing then you need some equipment to clean them. But if you lack equipment or don’t have enough time to clean the windows or you’re not in a mood to spend your holidays doing such a task, then it is important to concern a professional as cleaning of exterior windows is quite time consuming. Best time to clean windows especially the exterior part is spring or maybe before winters. Exterior part of the window also gets dirty by the bit of birds while interior part remains clean.


Cleaned windows have so many benefits that cannot be ignored. Cleaned and shiny windows not only beautify your home but also protects you from harmful allergies. Some of the benefits are:

  • Reduction in allergies that is caused due to the accumulation of dust, dirt and pollen on windows.
  • Control in insects by using efficient sprays and cleaner on windows.
  • Maintaining the shape and appearance.
  • Gives good impression to the outsiders.
  • Creates Soothing environment.




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