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How to make kitchen garden in backyard

Kitchen Garden :

It is a separate place in the garden which is dedicated for growing vegetables, fruits, herbs sometimes alongside the flower beds to make it more aesthetic or sometime without any non eatable items. There are different types of kitchen gardens too like the vegetable garden and herb garden. Both of these can also be combined if the person wants to.

Making a Kitchen Garden in backyard :

A person can make a kitchen garden on his own in his or her backyard. All it takes is dedication and to apply the right steps. Following are the main steps which should be properly done in order to create a good kitchen garden.

1.     Seeds :

First step is to get the seeds of the vegetables you want to grow. It can be easily found at the agricultural shop near your home. If you cannot find it then there is no need to worry because you will find it on Amazon or eBay. If you are looking to grow tomato then make sure to cut a fully ripe tomato and collect the seeds. For chilies, take out all the seeds from it.

2.     Sowing Seeds in basket :

The next step is to sowing the seeds. Do it in a plastic basket which should have a lot of openings. Apply a plastic sheet in the basket so that the soil does not fall out of the openings and for draining out the excessive water. After that mix farm-yard manure or vermicompost along with equal amounts of sand and normal garden soil. Add and mix about 1 or 1-1/2 inches of soil below the rim of the baskets. Sow the seeds equally spreading through out the soil then cover the a thin layer of soil on the seeds and water it gently with a can. Make sure not flood it.

3.     Vegetable Patch :

When the seeds have grown about 5 to 6 leaves then you have to shift the plant to the vegetable patch. To grow out leaves the seeds have to take 30 to 45 days. Make sure to prepare the patch before a few days of fully grown leaves. A prepared patch will have no stones, no vegetation and will consists of mixed manure and soil. Then harvest the plants from the basket and add into the vegetable patch.

4.     Maintaining the patch:

The small plants will start to grow roots. It is your duty to maintain the vegetable patch from not ruining it by any animal. Try to create spaces or boundaries around each plant. When the plants are grown to some extent then give them support through vertical sticks to make them erect.

5.     Add fertilizer :

When the plants have grown some flowers then it is time to add fertilizers. After 30 to 40 days from this step, the plant will start to grow tiny vegetables. After few more weeks you will experience the growth of these little vegetables to be grown into fully matured vegetables.


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