Is it Beneficial to Brush Teeth RegularlyWorld 

Is it Beneficial to Brush Teeth Regularly

Brushing teeth is a key factor for overall health. You should brush your teeth regularly to protect your teeth and overall health. It is beneficial because it prevents building tart up in teeth. It also prevents cavities. It helps to keep you away from different other diseases like cancer. Therefore it is very important to brush regularly for your health maintenance.

How much time required to brush your teeth?

Brushing habits differ from person to person. A study shows that most people brush their teeth for 45 seconds. This minor time does not remove plaque on your teeth. The short time period for brush does not help you to prevent diseases. You should brush your teeth for 2 minutes a day twice. It helps you to remove plaque and prevent cancerous diseases.

How to brush your teeth?

Different people brush their teeth in a different way. But there is a proper way recommended by ADA, which proven the best for your health. According to ADA, you have to hold the toothbrush in a way that it is 45 degree at your gums. After holding a toothbrush, you need to move your brush back and forth on the upper surface of teeth.

This will help to remove plaque. After cleaning the upper surfer, you have to clean the inner surface of your teeth. For cleaning the inner surface, you should hold your brush in a vertical manner and move it back and forth in a way that it is moving up and down on the inner side.

After cleaning the outer and inner surfaces, you should clean your tongue to remove bacteria and bad breath. All these steps are beneficial for your health. You should keep your brush in a manner that it will not touch other family members’ brush. Moreover, you have to keep your brush in an air-dry place rather than storing it in a closed place like any store box.

When is a good time for brushing teeth?

Most dentists recommend brushing your teeth twice a day. Basically, you should clean your teeth after eating a meal the whole day. Therefore dentists recommend brushing in the morning after taking breakfast and in the evening after eating dinner. This helps to remove plaque. After eating breakfast, you should wait for an hour to brush your teeth. Repeat it in the evening. If you brush soon after eating a meal, this will remove enamel from your teeth.

You can brush your teeth before eating breakfast if you have decided to eat something light like bread with orange juice. In this case, you should wash your mouth with water after taking breakfast. It will help to remove food particles in the mouth, which can destroy your gums.

Therefore you should brush your teeth regularly. You should brush your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes at one time. All these recommendations from dentists help you to maintain your overall health and prevent diseases. You should not be careless in brushing your teeth because your minor mistake can lead you to cancerous diseases.

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