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Social Media Success Metrics Released in April 2019

Measuring The Success Of Strategy Using Social Media Goals And Metrics

People are often looking for methods that would help them measure the success of their social media marketing hard work and efforts. They would want to know whether their social media campaigns are worth their effort and time.

The Social Success Marketing team tells the metrics that can help you measure your success regarding the marketing strategies you are applying on the social media. They categorize things into the below mentioned aims and goals.

  1. Bettering the brand awareness
  2. Generating the leads
  3. Creation of sales
  4. Increasing the engagement
  5. Client satisfaction and customer service
  6. PR

These are six main goals that depict the success of your social media marketing strategy. They are further classified into their potential KPIs as mentioned below.

  • Make brand awareness better

This is the first goal towards measuring the success. The potential KPIs are:

  1. Followers and fans
  2. Number of visits through the social media
  3. Sharing and re-sharing of the posts
  4. Mentions
  5. Trackbacks and inbound links
  6. Number of likes
  7. User generated content
  8. Ratings
  9. Reviews
  10. Check-ins

And many more.

  • Enhance engagement

The potential KPIs for increasing the engagement are:

  1. Number of likes and comments
  2. Rate of engagement
  3. Bounce rate
  4. Time spent on the site
  5. Number of shares and re-shares
  6. Contest entries
  7. Views on the videos
  8. Referral traffic
  9. Number of replies

And many more.

  • Customer service and client satisfaction

The potential KPIs for this aim are:

  1. Questions and inquiries
  2. Traffic to relevant sites of the FAQ
  3. Reviews of the customers
  4. Drop in cost

And much more.

  • PR

The potential KPIs for this particular goal are mentioned as follows:

  1. Number of retweets
  2. Mentions

And many more.

  • Sales

The potential KPIs for increasing the number of sales are:

  1. Number of purchases
  2. Website conversion
  3. Event attendance

And many more.

  • Generation of leads

Increasing the number of leads has the following potential KPIs.

  1. Number of registrations
  2. Number of downloads
  3. Email sign-ups
  4. Number of blog subscribers
  5. Trackbacks
  6. Questions and inquiries
  7. Website conversions
  8. Cost per acquisition
  9. Number of group membership

And many more.

These are all the important and significant metrics that help you to measure your success of the marketing strategies on the social media. Through these metrics, you will come to know whether your marketing plans and strategies are worth your effort and time. If you see that your social media marketing plan is going not so good according to the metrics and standards mentioned above, that implies some planning needs to be improved or changed so that better results could be displayed. On the other hand, if these metrics depict that your social media marketing strategy is working well, then the plan is good to go. Above mentioned are almost 50 metrics that help in determining how well your social media marketing is going.

A report by Tweetnfollow (A social media marketing & research company)

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