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Turkey Vs. Beef: A complete comparison

Nowadays, people have become more conscious about their health and diet and are ready to compromise their favorite meals ingredients. Most of the items contain ground beef such as your favorite spaghetti sauce, tacos, meatballs and many more. Nowadays, a great debate is going on between the ground turkey and ground beef. The debate is about replacing beef with the ground turkey. As people are quite anxious about their health so they prefer to make a nutritional comparison between meats before selecting one.

If you compare the ground turkey with ground beef on the basis that which one is healthier, then don’t. It is because both of them have their own healthy benefits. You just need to choose according to your body’s needs.

Difference between ground turkey and ground beef:

When it comes to ground turkey vs ground beef, selection should be made on the basis of facts.

Number of Calories:

Ground turkey and ground beef don’t have much difference in the level of calories. 90/10 of ground beef is not as healthy as 85/15 of ground turkey. It is only a misconception that ground turkey is much healthier than beef.


22g of protein is present in every patty of both meats. Almost two to eight percent of iron is found in turkey whereas the same quantity of beef contains ten to fifteen percent of iron. Breast of turkey that weighs forty milligrams has less cholesterol as compared to sixty-five to ninety milligrams of beef. So, the amount of protein our muscles need is quite sustainable from both of the meats.

Amount of Selenium:

Selenium plays important role in the functioning of immunity system. If you take 100gm of ground turkey patty, then it will have almost 27 ½ mcg of selenium in it but you will find less amount of it in the ground beef.

Amino acid:

Both of the meats contain amino acid that is very essential for our bodies. If you’re a gym freak, then beef with an adequate amount is good for you as it helps you in growing muscles. People who feel problem in their daily sleep regulations should consider turkey in their diet list as tryptophan maintains your sleep regulations.

Thus, both kinds of meat have their own benefits and advantages. One must consume according to the body’s requirements and demand. Just keep in mind that overdose of anything is not healthy for your diet.


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