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Unknown facts about Alaina Marie Mathers’s life

Alaina Marie Mathers keeps herself away from the media’s attention despite being a star kid. She is an eldest of three children of most influential rappers of all time, Eminem. As many of us just know about his father’s name as she chooses privacy when it comes to her personal life. But Eminem’s aficionados are fervent to know more about his adopted daughter, Alaina. Here in this post, we will discuss unknown facts of her life including her biography, parents, siblings, career, love life and net worth.


Although, Eminem’s love life is not a secret he likes to keep his kids away from the limelight. Alaina Scott was born on May 3, 1993, with the name Amanda Marie Scott. Her mother was Dawn Scott who was the ex-sister-in-law of Eminem and twin sister of Kim Scott. Although, her mother couldn’t identify her father due to her troubled relationship. Her biological mother encountered a lot of charges due to her drug addiction. Eminem tried to keep away her mother from drugs but nothing could save her. Dawn’s bad reputation with the law forced Eminem to adopt her daughter for her better upbringing. He adopted her and changed her name from Amanda Marie Scott to Alaina Marie Mathers. Later, he got the full custody of Alaina after his divorce with his wife Kimberly Scott. Alaina’s biological mother died due to drug overdose back in 2016. Many of Eminem’s songs are focused on his daughters that show his love for his daughters. Eminem mentioned his daughter Alaina as “Lainey” in his famous song “Mockingbird.”

Net Worth

Alaina’s net worth is not confirmed yet as she is currently completing her education. There is no information about her career and future plans but it is sure she will never pursue her career as a rapper like her father, Eminem. Her father is considered as one of the richest rapper in the world with a whopping net worth of $190 million. It seems that her estimated net worth is $0.5 million when her father will distribute his fortune among his children.

Personal and love life:

She is a student of public relations that shows that she will not be the part of the music industry in future. She surely knows how to keep herself away from mainstream media’s attention being a star kid. She is very secluded when it comes to her love life as there is no confirmed information about her love interest. She keeps her life low key and she is not active on social media like her younger sister Hailie Jade Mathers. Albeit, she is quite secretive but according to her Instagram fan page, she is in a relationship with a guy and this page shared this news with Alaina’s photo with her beau.


Despite her utmost privacy, Alaina Marie Mathers is enjoying a stardom life with her two sisters. She has a great relationship with his father, Eminem. Leave a comment and let us know how her life story inspires you?

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