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Wedding Dress Trends for 2020

2020 is going to be an exciting year for wedding attire. With bridesmaids dresses becoming more varied and colorful as opposed to the traditional matching theme and groomsmen invoking traditional styles while becoming more relaxed, the next decade promises to be a good one in the wedding industry.

Perhaps most exciting of all is the changing fashion trends for brides. Here are some of the best wedding dress trends for 2020.

Elegant Ruffles

When most brides hear the word ruffles, they envision looking like a giant cupcake. However, the ruffles of 2020 aren’t the ruffles of 1980. Stemming from the tulle trend that’s graced weddings of the past two years, the elegant ruffle trend is a softened approach to the traditional wedding dress.

Combining layers of sheer fabric and soft folds, these ruffles are creating an ethereal, feminine look that adds volume without being too puffy. While many brides are opting for the full-length ruffled skirt, others are incorporating ruffles at the neckline for a Flamenco-inspired look that’s both fun and fashionable.

A-Line Silhouette

While trumpet and mermaid silhouettes are still popular choices for shoppers at Azazie wedding dresses, many brides are moving back toward the more traditional A-line cut. A-line dresses tend to be more versatile and comfortable for brides of varying shapes and sizes, offering comfort and a midline approach between more sensual cuts and ballroom style dresses.

A-line silhouettes are also more versatile in being combined with other wedding dress trends. For example, high-low hemlines and sheer overlays. A-line tends to work well with a variety of fabrics and can be dressed up for a more formal look or dressed down for a casual, light-hearted affair.


One of the most exciting trends of 2020 wedding dresses is the inclusion of metallics. Metallic dresses and accent pieces are surprisingly versatile. Some brides incorporate metallic accents throughout their dress as a replacement for traditional beading and glitter. Others opt for an entirely metallic piece in silvery blues and champagne golds that conveys the glitz and glam of New Years’ Eve all year round.

As many brides will capitalize on the year by having a Gatsby-inspired wedding rife with art deco accents, the metallic trend is expected to stick around for the better part of the next decade in many shapes and forms.


One of the most modern wedding dress trends means not having a dress at all. In recent years, jumpsuits and rompers have come out of hibernation in streetwear and on the runway; wedding attire is no exception. More brides are moving away from the traditional gown in favor of the high-class comfort offered by a formal jumpsuit. The excess fabric gives the movement and visual effect of a gown with the power and elegance of a modern woman.

Brides who want the best of both worlds are choosing to add gown-like layers over their jumpsuits for some extra flair that’s sure to make a statement while walking down the aisle.

Be a trendsetter at your wedding, taking advantage of these up-and-coming fashion fads while incorporating your personal style that will resonate through 2020 and beyond.

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