What is the best brand of wireless backup cameras for vehicles?

Wireless backup cameras or rearview have become immensely important and common in modern cars. It has become common because of its safety measures and comfort while reversing the car. Today, there is a wide range of new cars for which articular backup cameras are for sale in market with variation in prices.

There are a number of brands developed now ensuring the safety of car by introducing their cameras with different respective features. Before going for any brand one should always go through the observation process.

For that a monitor is required which would be connected or paired with the backup camera. Following are the best wireless backup cameras reviews, including a few most popular backup camera brands;

  • X1PRO Camera

It is a rear view camera that is installed in mirror dash with huge display of maximum 9 inches. It shows a high definition image on the mirror. Apart from this basic feature it has a touch system allowing the users to control the rear face image. It has a 720 pixels back camera with 260 pixels forward camera which shows clear high definition image.

Motion sensors are attached to the mirror on which this camera is connected. This allows the camera to start and shut down automatically. It requires Secure Digital (SD) card, in order to store the video or image recorded by the camera. Users always look for the above qualities while buying this camera.

  • AUTO WOX Mirror Camera

It looks like a basic camera but it comes in a combo including a transmitter as provided in other cameras, with monitor screen. Like other mirror cameras is quite easy to install in a car.

It has a Light Emitting Diode that automatically enables the flash to function in lowlight thus providing the rear image of back path. This feature makes it very unique from other backup cameras. The comes with six Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights inside it which is more than enough to show the bright image of path while reversing the car even in full darkness.

It is waterproof camera and gives a rear image even if it is raining. This camera includes straps to which the camera is attached. It also consists two bolts that bonds the license, which also supports the straps. Before buying this camera one should always check if its wireless system functions properly or not.








  • YANDA HDR Camera

People have the best wireless cameras reviews on YANDA HDR camera that comes up with complete kit including the mirror camera, forward facing and a high definition wireless backup camera. It works on more than one camera of 1080 pixels, giving a clear high definition picture in daylight as well in low light. It uses the whole review mirror to display the picture unlike the other cameras which show the image of camera on small screen. Kit enables the users to record audio as it has this inbuilt feature in its forward facing camera. More interesting thing about this kit is that users also have the option of saving those recordings and videos. A card or chip can be installed in it for this purpose. Its size is two times bigger than a normal dash camera which gives a clear display of video or image.










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